Three strong investment opportunities for less than $461,000

22nd March 2018
By Scott Pfeiffer
f the Hunter is not the best or most affordable option, where are the places to invest?

If the Hunter is not the best or most affordable option, where are the places to invest?  The most important criteria include properties with access to transport, good schools and shops in areas where there are good employment prospects. We usually recommend new properties for the ease of maintenance and tax advantages too.

In contrast to Newcastle, Perth is just coming off a low point in its property cycle. As such the potential for capital growth is strong and compared to the eastern capitals, property is very affordable. For example, you can buy a new 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 garage home on 301m2 in the suburb of Dayton for $436,000.  The St Leonards master-planned estate is only 20 minutes from Perth’s CBD and at the cusp of the beautiful Swan Valley with its wineries and natural beauty. There are shops and schools nearby and a great community feel with over 80% of the properties in the suburb owner-occupied.
Another area we like is Ballarat. With Melbourne prices having skyrocketed, Ballarat benefits from the relative compactness of Victoria with Melbourne around an hour by train. With strong growth, a beautiful and historic city centre and industries including health, education, manufacturing and agriculture, it’s a regional economy with sufficient diversity to be economically resilient. We like the opportunities in the master-planned community of Lucas, 6km from the city centre.  Just $416,290 will get you a 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 garage home on 350m2 with an estimated rent of $360.

While the market in some parts of Brisbane has matured there are still some great affordable opportunities there. The northern suburb of Narangba is one, where $460,820 will get you a new 4 bed 2 bath double garage home on 300m2. It’s a suburb on the train line where the express trains from the Sunshine Coast stop. It’s 40 minute drive to both Brisbane’s CBD and Sunshine Coast beaches. 

These three properties all have great potential as investments. If you’re interested, come and talk to us. You might be surprised how little effect on your household budget they might have.  

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