Now is the best time to Invest

By  Scott Pfeiffer


The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago – that time has gone, so the best time is NOW (Chinese Proverb).  My Dad used to say the same thing about property investment.  Right now is the best time to invest. Don’t wait for a “ better time”  otherwise you will always be waiting. “Time in” the property market is more important than “timing”. 

The media focusses on the negative aspects of the “ Australian” property market by talking about the decline in Sydney and Melbourne prices and the tightening of lending policies by Banks.  I have been involved with property markets for 30 years and what is happening now is nothing new.

Smart investors know that there are great opportunities in times like the present.  When buyer activity slows, there are deals to be done with property vendors where investors can obtain discounted prices. 

The facts are that the basic fundamentals of property investment are the same as they have always been.  There is continuing strong demand with limited supply in a large number of areas around Australia and this will continue. 

Successful investors that are patient and focussed on the big picture will research and find properties that are affordable (to the investor and the tenant), in secure areas that have good schools, close to transport links and shopping centres, strong population growth, and are located where there are a broad range of employers and industries.