We love property and we love helping our clients!

We share what some of our clients have to say about their experience using Pfeiffer Property:

Reliable and Honest

MJ, Newcastle
Many thanks Scott, I found you a reliable and honest person who enjoys his work and really wants to help people achieve their dreams

The process was seamless and easy

Adam & Megan
Pfeiffer Property guided us through the whole process of buying our first investment property from understanding property price cycles, building the property to securing a tenant, for which we are very grateful . Initially, myself and my wife were hesitant about purchasing an investment property and were unaware of what this would mean for us. Without the knowledge, support and guidance of Pfeiffer Property at every step, I doubt very much if we would we would have been able to successfully navigate it ourselves, and would today still be only considering becoming landlords and not jumping in to the market. Pfeiffer property had a very personal approach and made the process much easier and less stressful by having transparent communication and being welcoming to questions- the process was seamless and easy. If you are thinking of purchasing an investment property, I highly recommend Pfeiffer Property.

They made the whole process simple and stress free

Peter and Janet
We had previously built an investment property in the mid 90’s and had all the awful experiences you could imagine, enough so that I had no intentions of doing this again.

However after listening to Scott speak and present about the way they have simplified the process to build from purchase of land to the tenant moving in gave me the confidence to try again with a new investment property.

Pfeiffer Property enabled us to invest in property in the most efficient manner during our busy everyday lives. They guided and supported us through every step, making the whole process simple and stress free.

From our initial consultation with Scott Pfeiffer, he showed us how to receive the maximum benefits of owning an investment property and clearly understood our financial situation and objectives.

With Scott’s extensive experience and knowledge of property investment, he gave us the confidence we needed to take the next step. Within weeks we had purchased our first investment property!

The whole process was hassle free and went smoothly as Scott had described.

We paid $1000 deposit for the land purchase in Oct 2015 and the new home was finished and handed over to use in Mar 2017. The tenants moved into the property in Apr 2017.

PLUS the property has increased substantially in value since settlement!

I highly recommend Pfeiffer Property to anyone (wherever they may be located) who is looking to buy an investment property.

Always willing to go out of their way to help

“I have known Scott for approximately 8 years and in that time he helped me purchase 2 investment properties. He and his staff have also helped me to refinance and get loans for my 4 properties and my own home. Scott and his staff are always willing to go out of their way to help and I have never had any problems with the loan procedure. I would highly recommend Scott to help people find an investment property or for reviewing your loans."

On track to a better financial future

“I wanted to do something for my future because I knew my super would not be enough. But I did not know where to start. Pfeiffer Property looked at what I could borrow and I was surprised how little it cost me to own an investment property – just $98 a week to buy a $350,000 property. I bought a property in Melbourne in 2010 and I am now on track to a much better financial future”

Personalised, realistic, step-by-step and informed approach

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Scott and his team. Not only has he walked me through the process of buying my own home, but he has also helped me buy my first investment property. Scott’s personalised, realistic, set-by-step, and informed approach is so reassuring, taking so much of the stress out of what are big financial decisions. He goes out of his way to support you through the process. So delighted to recommend Scott!"

It works!

Peter and Tracey
"Our property's value gained over 10% in under a year and we were able to get $50 more rent per week than initially estimated. So, the property is more than paying for itself and we hope to purchase another investment property through Scott Pfeiffer again soon!"

Our future financial lives have been changed for the better

Craig and Leanne
“We knew we had to do something to provide a reasonable income in our retirement, but didn’t know where to start. Sure, we have superannuation but like so many other people the income from this will be nowhere near enough to give us a comfortable lifestyle when we retire. Pfeiffer Property provided us with what we really needed – they guided us through the property investment process from start to finish. Our future financial lives have been changed for the better and we can’t wait to purchase another property through Pfeiffer Property. Thank you Pfeiffer Property!”

The perfect mix of a wealth of industry knowledge and experience

Ben and Jordan
"My wife and I already had experience with property investment when we met with Scott from Pfeiffer Property. After just the initial consultation my wife commented on how comfortable she felt with what we had discussed. That seems a long time ago now as we have finished building a house, and have it tenanted, that we purchased through Pfeiffer Property. Scott and his team were extremely helpful and supportive throughout all stages of the process. Our questions were answered quickly and they were on top of everything with reminders and updates for payments/milestones along the way. They have the perfect mix of a wealth of industry knowledge and experience as well as a friendly and relaxing approach. Whether you are a first time investor, already have a small portfolio or are experienced in the area, I highly recommend Scott and his team at Pfeiffer Property."

Expert help through the whole process

“Pfeiffer Property walked me though the whole process, from setting goals to getting the property tenanted; they took care of me. Their information is up to date, simple and easy to understand.”

Attentive to all our requests

“Staff were exceptional at getting the information we needed. Two-way communication with the office was excellent: whenever we had questions, we were always given suitable responses in reasonable time frames.” -

A great team

“His team is very thorough and being a smaller company with fewer clientele, you get looked after. With Scott you feel like you’re part of the family and in that regard you’re getting value.” -

Trustworthy Advice

“Scott is extremely knowledgeable and I trust his recommendations. Pfeiffer Property provides exceptional service; they do all the legwork I would normally have to do myself!” - Tony