Case Studies

We share with you some of our client’s success stories!

Use our case studies to get an idea of how buying an investment property can change your future.


A family with two young children - Their investment property is already more than paying for itself.

Our client came to Pfeiffer Property looking to investment in property as part of the plan for their eventual retirement.

We conducted a property investment analysis and concluded there was enough equity in their home to borrow against. They were willing to pay an estimated $45 per week from their salaries to bridge the gap between rental income and the cost of theirinvestment.

Our recommendation was to purchase land in the Perth suburb of Ellenbrook, then build a house on it. The advantages of new houses include lower maintenance costs, better depreciation deductions, stamp duty concessions, and a 7-year warranty against structural defects. New houses are also attractive to tenants.

Using a trusted wholesale builder who deals exclusively with companies like Pfeiffer Property, our clients built a four-bedroom house. With no need for them to oversee the construction, the experience was stress-free. The house was completed and tenanted the same year the land was bought. The total cost of the land and house was $390,000. 

This property has already proved an astute investment. In less than a year, its minimum value had risen to $410,000, a gross profit of 5 per cent. Initial rental estimates were $410 per week. However, our clients were able to get $460 per week. As a consequence, their new investment property is already more than paying for itself.


Single Person, Aged 29 - Purchased three properties in one month!

Our client, an engineer receiving a high salary had $70,000 in superannuation. He was employed on a five-year contract and realised he would need to provide for his future whilst he continued to enjoy a high income.

Pfeiffer Property helped him set financial goals and for the next twelve months he concentrated on rapidly reducing his home loan. He went on to purchase three investment properties in one month.

Due to the consistent capital growth of these properties and rental increases he will be able to afford the holding costs of the properties should his income fall when his employment contract expires.

Today his portfolio is worth over $1.55 million. Our client is well on track to retire comfortably by the age of 40, should he wish to do so!


Married couple aged early 50’s - Living in the Hunter Valley. They retired at age 60, travelled around Australia and still had $400,000 in equity!

Our clients had nearly paid off their home. The husband was earning a reasonable income as a truck driver, and his wife worked part time as a nurse. Combined, their superannuation balances were $350,000. With the help of Scott Pfeiffer at Pfeiffer Property, they decided to purchase an investment property as they realised they would not be able to afford to travel in retirement at age 65. The couple purchased property in Brisbane.

Twelve months later, they purchased another property, this time in Melbourne. After a further three years, they purchased another house in Brisbane.

Due to the increase in property values, the couple sold their original Brisbane property, paid off the debt on the Melbourne property and were able to retire two years ago, at age 60.

They have been traveling around Australia ever since and now have over $400,000 in equity in the two remaining properties!


Married couple aged in early 40’s with three young children, living in Newcastle - Total investments now equal $1,125,000!

Our client was an Engineer and his wife an Administration Assistant. Their combined superannuation balances were $220,000.

They met with Scott Pfeiffer and decided to use the $90,000 equity in their home to purchase an investment property at Rutherford.

Our clients went on to purchase three more investment properties in different locations over the next six years, paying the deposit and costs using equity in both their home and the Rutherford investment property.

Due to the capital growth of their properties, the combined value of their investments is $1,125,000 with equity of $405,000.

They now have the option of both retiring prior to the age of 60 and leading a comfortable lifestyle.